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6 Meluguvarthi Movie Review
Cast: Shaam, Poonam Kaur , Jagathy Sreekumar
Story, Screenplay and Direction: V.Z.Dhorai
Music: Srikanth Deva
Dialogues: Jeyamohan

Ram (Shaam) and Lizzy (Poonam Kaur) are well settled young couple who are ready to do anything to keep their son Gautham happy. The couple loose Gautham on his 6th birthday while in Marina beach. After a deep search they lodge a complaint to the local police with the help of a family friend, only to know that taking the legal route could do nothing to solve their problem.

Guided by a policeman, they go and meet a kidnapper in the guise of a beggar living in a nearby slum to gather the whereabouts of Gautham. With a misguiding link from the beggar, Ram travels to many cities in the country in search of his son. Whether he manages to rescue his son forms the rest.
Script Review

V.Z. Dhorai who has given a few notable films like Mugavari, Thotti Jaya and Nepali has taken the issue of Child trafficking in this outing. He enters into the main plot right after showcasing the joyous atmosphere of the family in a song which helps to make a solid impact once the child is lost.

A few tearful episodes follow and they seem justified given the bonding shared between the parents and the child. In the same scenes the utterances and reactions of the family friendsí are overrated. Especially the one who guides the couple to lodge a police complaint and accompanies them all time doesnít fit the need of the script. Once the focus shifts to the search episode there is no looking back.

The parentís agony of missing their only child and a clueless fatherís search for his son have been brought out very well with the able support of...
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