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   (2012-05-01 00:00:00)

There are some creations that outlive the trends of time. The Porsche 911 is one of them. The world's first all-black chronograph is another. Holding the iconic Chronograph I, one cannot help but exclaim how this 1972 masterpiece is ‘timed yet timeless'.

But that's Porsche Design for you. Each of its exclusive pieces is a unique combination of form and function. And its newly launched ‘largest store in the world' in New York celebrates this and much more.

Stepping in

There are two things that strike you the moment you enter the chic 250 square meters store. Firstly, its take off from the other Porsche Design store, a warm, friendly and bright one at that, and secondly, its oneness with all things SoHo, its upmarket NY address. From the typical cast iron building to the faded brick walls, it's the Porsche soul gleaming from a Manhattan-inspired body.

The store is neatly divided into seamless niches, each displaying a different facet of the brand. The guest is first introduced to its fashion collections, including apparel, footwear, luggage and eyewear, and a specially developed SoHo collection. This is followed by a cosy lounge with the SoHo road map etched on the walls on both sides. Sipping on some cappuccino from the mini café, guests can browse through men's jewellery and cufflinks, smoking and sports accessories, and the brand's top order products, writing instruments and watches.

Then there is the store's exclusive zone – a designed wall showcasing the brand's history of 40 years of ‘Iconic Style'. Apart from newspaper clippings and pictures about the brand sourced from all over the world, guests at the store can touch and feel its most iconic products over the decades. So finding pride of place is the Chronograph I written about in the first paragraph, Pilot Glasses – the first glasses with lens-changing feature, the P'3110 TecFlex ballpoint pen, P'6910 Indicator – the only chronograph with mechanical-digital stopwatch function and the P'9521 Mobile Phone with innovative fingerprint sensor. Some slice of history this!

Timed, yet timeless

Despite each of its products being a design classic, Porsche Design's watches have always had a fan following. Some of its iconic firsts also rub shoulders with the latest timepieces at the SoHo store. Some eye-catching ones include the Heritage Compass Watch – the first watch with an integrated compass, Titanium Chronograph – the first chrono machined out of titanium, The Worldtimer – the first chronograph to display an alternate time zone at the press of a push-piece and The Diver – Porsche Design's first diving watch featuring a special container-based design for optimised safety. We also loved the Dashboard PAC in a ‘sporting red' dial.

And if one is in the ‘who's who' category, one gets to indulge in an exclusive 50 square meters of VIP shopping area, where a special chef will whip up some gourmet hors d'oeuvres to complement the shopping experience. SoHo, so good!

What: World's largest Porsche Design store

Where: 456 W Broadway SoHo, New York

Why: To see Porsche Design in a whole new avatar. Soak in some design and technical innovation history. Add some exclusives to your collection.