2 in 3 Brits Too Busy To Slim Down

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   (2012-06-26 00:00:00)

London: Two out of three overweight people in Britain have admitted that they lack the time or the willpower to fight the flab

Out of those 2,011 people surveyed, 87 per cent who carried extra pounds claimed that they wanted to lose weight but have "too many other things to worry about", despite knowing that it sends cancer risks soaring.

Around 68 per cent of women admitted that they "lacked willpower" as compared to 60 per cent of overweight men.

The study conducted by Cancer Research UK, is the first to reveal the apathy.

"We understand it can be extremely hard for people to maintain a healthy weight but keeping those extra pounds at bay could ultimately save your life," the Daily Express quoted the charity's chief executive, Dr Harpal Kumar, as saying.

Scientists estimate that the obesity epidemic could lead to 19,000 new cases of cancer a year in the UK as overweight is the most significant risk after smoking.