Anonymous Client Gets Leather Exterior For 135,000 Pounds Ferrari

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   (2012-07-13 00:00:00)

London: One wealthy owner of a 135,000-pound Ferrari has taken the luxury of having leather interiors in many supercars a step further by having his vehicle wrapped in leather.

Luxury car customisation specialists Dartz were commissioned by an anonymous client based on the French Riviera to give a Ferrari F430 a black leather finish.

The Latvian company were open to the challenge having previously made headlines for creating a 1-million-pound bulletproof SUV with seats made from whale foreskin.

"One of our very rich customers from the Cote d'Azur wanted a leather exterior and knew we could deliver," the Daily Mail quoted Dartz owner Leonard Yankelovich as saying.

"It took three of my staff 16 working days to apply the leather and finish. He was more than happy when he picked it up," he said.

Other than the time it took to transform the car, Yankelovich would not reveal how it was achieved or how much it cost but simply said it was made possible thanks to "Dartz know-how".

He added that the leather is real but mysteriously described it as "something inbetween" leather and vinyl.

As well as this leather make-over and the bulletproof SUV, "Dartz know-how" was also recently employed by the producers of Sacha Baron Cohen's film 'The Dictator'.

They made three gold-plated Dartz Aladeen Edition Prombons to be used in the film.