Boys Low-Slung Trouser Trend Killed By Competition For Jobs

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   (2012-07-13 00:00:00)

London: The trend of wearing trousers showing their bums is ending for boys - thanks to the recession.

Intense competition for jobs means the low-slung urban style worn by celebrities like Justin Bieber and Dappy is going out of fashion.

Instead, young men are wearing smart, casual, waist-hugging trousers that don't flash their underpants to the world, according to retailers.

According to research by Debenhams, a shortage of jobs means young men want to look well-dressed for interviews.

"The slump has forced everyone to tighten their belts, and has moved lads' trousers back to the waist where they belong," the Sun quoted spokesman Ed Watson as saying.

Sales of smart casual trousers have risen by 108 percent at the department store chain since the recession began.

The trend has also been seen at Marks and Spencer, Bhs and Asda.