Brit Teen Lands In Hospital After Guzzling 24 Cans Of Coke Each Day

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   (2012-07-11 00:00:00)

London: A teenager was left in agony in the hospital after her addiction to Coca-Cola led her to drink 24 cans of the fizzy drink everyday.

Pretty Zoe Cross caught an E. coli infection, which was made worse by severe dehydration caused by gulping down such huge amounts of Coke.

She was even warned that she could die unless she cut down her massive intake.

"I admit I'm addicted to Coke - not the drug, the drink. I ended up on a saline drip for five days," the Sun quoted her as saying.

"The doctors said my body couldn't cope with such a huge amount of sugar and caffeine and warned me my kidneys could shut down if I didn't stop."

The teenager got hooked on Coke when she was 14 and her habit spiralled out of control when she landed a part-time job at her local Subway, where staff is allowed free fizzy drinks at work.

Eventually she collapsed and was rushed to Oldham Hospital with an infection thought to have been triggered by swigging straight from unwashed cans.

After being treated, she cut back on Coke, but was still drinking two litres a day.

Last week the teenager again had a second collapse and is now suffering cramps with deterioration of her ankle and spinal joints.

"Coming off Coke has been hard because I get terrible headaches when I don't drink it," she said.

"But I'm hoping I'll pull through."

In the wake of this incident, Coca-Cola has insisted that all of their drinks, if consume in moderation, can form a part of healthy diet.

"All of our drinks can be consumed in moderation as part of a healthy diet." Coca-Cola said.