Care For A Beer In A Bar Buzzing With Bees

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   (2012-07-11 00:00:00)

London: Regulars at the city centre boozer in UK were surprised when the landlord installed a hive in the back garden.

Robert Mullen, who runs The Griffin Bar in Glasgow, had installed the colony - which now contains a population of about 30,000 bees - to help boost the insects' declining numbers.

"I wanted to do my bit because bees are in trouble - and we could start getting our own Griffin honey out of it," the Sun quoted him as saying.

The number of UK bee colonies has decreased by half in recent years due to a deadly parasitic virus, and Mullen is quite aware of the dangers involved in keeping them.

"Quite a lot of things can go wrong. There might not be enough pollen or flowers. We need the colony to establish itself first," he said.

Honey bees are vital to plant and flower cross-pollination and are estimated to be worth around 1billion dollars to the UK economy.

The 44-year-old's bees have a range of about two miles, which implies that they will be able to reach a nearby park to access pollen.

Bee expert Warren Bader, from biodiversity firm Plan Bee emphasised the importance of urban bee keeping.

"It is helping the whole bee population because the pesticides used in the country are poisoning bee colonies," he said.

"And the diversification in cities makes for good foraging. The virus is an issue too. There is no doubt bees are in danger," he added.