Ozs Best And Worst Celebrity Travel Buddies Revealed

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   (2012-07-26 00:00:00)

Melbourne: Prime Minister Julia Gillard is the "celebrity" who strikes most fear into the hearts of young Australian travellers, a new survey of the worst travel buddies has revealed.

According to the survey by travel company Topdeck, while Gillard scored 37 percent of the vote, the cast of 'Jersey Shore' and Snooki were the second most unpopular travel partners at 27 percent, followed by Kim Kardashian at 17 percent.

Even Charlie Sheen rated better as compared to them, at 10 percent.

Surprisingly, young Australians prefer a mother-like figure to accompany them on their journey, with only three per cent of the "most hated" votes going to Oprah.

"Young people travel in search of fun and adventure and our PM, who is also suffering a slump in the polls, doesn't exactly fit that bill," News.com.au quoted Topdeck spokesman Ben Ittensohn as saying.

"However the results show youth travel isn't all about partying either, with the likes of Snooki and Kim Kardashian also a turn off," he said.

Meanwhile comedian Wil Anderson was voted the celebrity Aussies would most like to travel with, with his outrageous jokes coming in handy during long trips.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver came second followed by supermodel Miranda Kerr and adventurer and TV star Bear Grylls.

"The best travel buddy is one with a good sense of humour," Ittensohn said.

"Someone who knows their way around a plate of food like Jamie Oliver or who can get you out of a sticky situation like Bear Grylls is also a handy travel mate.

"Who you travel with can make or break a holiday so choosing a good companion is a key consideration when planning a trip," he added.