US Doctors Remove 51lbs Tumor From Womans Stomach

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   (2012-07-03 00:00:00)

New York: Doctors at Riverview Medical Center in New Jersey, USA have removed a 51-pound tumor from a woman, which amounted to a third of her weight.

A CAT scan revealed the life-threatening tumor inside Evelyn's stomach, after she arrived at the hospital with abdominal pains.

Imagine slicing into an onion - and then removing a third of the vegetable without damaging the healthy inner layers and core.

That, in essence, is the medical marvel that Dr. David Dupree and his team at Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank, New Jersey, pulled off last month when they removed a 51-pound tumor from the dying woman.

"Before the operation, the doctor told me there was a mass there and that it was very big," Evelyn told the New York Daily News.

"When I saw it, I was like, 'Oh my God, it's huge," she said.

Dupree said the tumor "was about a third of her body weight" and took five hours to remove.

"One wrong move and she would have died," he said.

In his first extensive interview since performing the surgical feat, Dupree said the woman - a 65-year-old mother of two from Union Beach, New Jersey - has made a remarkable recovery.

Evelyn weighed 171 pounds and "looked like she was nine months pregnant with triplets" before the surgery, Dupree said.

Now, she's down to 120 pounds and "she has not had a single post-op complication," the surgeon said. "She has a new lease on life."

Evelyn was on death's door when she arrived in the emergency room last month, breathing with the help of a machine and "maxed out on blood pressure medication," Dupree said.

Until that point, the biggest tumor Dupree had removed weighed 11 pounds. And from the minute he and vascular surgeon Alfonso Ciervo sliced the woman open, they knew getting this one out would be trouble.

"We discovered it was fused to the abdominal wall.

"That meant we were literally shaving this thing off, moving milimeter by milimeter for hours," he said.

When they were ready - and while anesthesiologist Chuck Farrell monitored the woman's vitals - Dupree said he and Ciervo lifted the tumor out in one piece.

"It was heavy," the surgeon said.

With this load off, Evelyn immediately began to recover and her blood pressure rebounded back to normal, Dupree said.

The doctors had to remove segments of her intestines that were engulfed by the tumor and some organs.

She will also likely undergo radiation therapy. But Dupree expects her to make a complete recovery after she is released next week.

"When I talked to her later, she was just so happy to be alive," he said.