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 Social Thriller

 Ethir Neechal

 Siva Karthikeyan, Priya Anand




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Ethir Neechal Movie Review
Ethir Neechal is a film about taking control of life and finding comfort in one's own skin. Or so I think. It starts off like any other Tamil comedy which we see these days, but post-interval it becomes an all-out sports film. While it searches for a link to connect its two halves, Ethir Neechal is basically two different films, split right down the middle.

Kunjithapatham (Siva Karthikeyan) is a twenty something college student whose name is the source of all his troubles. Starting from humiliation in schools, extending to girls turning him down due to their unwillingness to be associated with someone with such a name, he feels he would be better off under a different moniker. After the film milks this 'Kunjithapatham' element to squeeze out as many jokes as it humanly could - most of which were never funny to begin with - our lead accordingly adopts a different name (Harish) and, suddenly, life is so much better. He finds himself a girl and he reaches the equilibrium he long ached for. Then, a very, very tiny problem takes us to a second half where we see an entirely different film.

Ethir Neechal has a wafer-thin plot- as in barely there. It prematurely shoots its wad and the story runs out of juice very early. There probably weren't many ways to continue this tale of a boy with an unfortunate name; thus we enter the second half where Harish decides to run a marathon to prove something. Prove what, you may ask? The film appears to have the same doubts. Hence they manufacture a completely new motive to lend a degree of gravitas to the proceedings.

As Harish trains for the marathon, we meet an uptight young girl named Valli who coaches him....