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 Social Thriller

 Oru Nadigayin Vakku Moolam

 Sonia Agarwal




Oru Nadigayin Vakku Moolam Movie Photos
Oru Nadigayin Vakku Moolam Movie Review
Cast: Sonia Agarwal, Jithan Ramesh, Kovai Sarala, Punnagai Poo Geetha
Direction: Rajkrishna

Haihoi Star Rating For This Movie:- 1.5/5

A movie on the filmdom always attracts the attention of the audience. From Server Sundaram till the recent Dirty Picture, movies taking a look on the travails of filmdom and film personalities have ended up as talking point.

A sneak peek into the life of an actress would garner more attention. Here comes Oru Nadigaiyin Vakkumoolam that takes a look at the troublesome life of an actress in Tamil cinema. Directed by Rajkrishna, it stars Sonia Agarwal as lead protoganist. It bares various truth. It speaks for actresses, but sadly only in parts.

Tamil Movie Review - Oru Nadigaiyin Vakkumoolam movie review here for you.


The movie begins with a search by a television journalist (Punnagai Poo Geetha) for an popular actress Anjali (Sonia Agarwal), who suddenly vanished from public life when she was in limelight in Tamil cinema.

Anjali was the number one actress when she disappeared. The journalist begins her search and meets her family members, directors with whom Anjali worked. She understands that their selfish nature would have prompted Anjali to go in a hiding. She succeeds in tracing Anjali. Now a flashback is narrated on Anjali's troublesome life.

Anjali (Sonia Agarwal) was brought up in a poor family by Devaraj (Yogi Devaraj) in Andhra Pradesh. He is a stage actor living in poverty. Turn of events lead to Anjali's mother challenging villagers that she would make her daughter a heroine and copmes to Chennai. She comes to Kodambakkam. The search begins. The reality starts to bite. Anjali is made to...