Aspirants Of Pre-Matric Scholarship In Distress

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   (2012-07-19 00:00:00)

With just three days left for applying for the Government of India’s pre-matric scholarship scheme, obtaining of income certificates remains a Herculean task. Every day scores of people line up at the eSeva centres right from seven in the morning to avoid the rush.

The limited number of counters for issuance of certificates is only adding to the problem.

This apart many of those who have applied after July 7 have yet to receive their income certificates.

The certificate holds significance as an applicant has to key in the serial number of Income Certificate issued by the respective Mandal Revenue office in the online application.

On Wednesday a dozen odd people were seen queuing up at the eSeva centre in Santoshnagar at 7.30 a.m., an hour before its prescribed time. However, much to their chagrin there was no power supply in the office and the staff at the eSeva centre asked people to wait till 9.30 a.m.

In fact measures such as using a UPS did not fructify as only few certificates could be given before the computer shut down.

“I came yesterday but went away on seeing the huge rush. I though it fit to come in the mornings and to our bad luck there was a power shutdown,” complains Syed Nazeer, who had applied for Income Certificate on the July 3.


Complaints of delay in issue of certificates are common.

“I applied on July 7 and have not received the certificate or even an SMS,” laments Mubeen, a resident of Chandrayangutta. It is said those who applied after July 7 are asked to come after a couple of days.

G. Venkateshwarlu, Tahsildar Bandlaguda mandal, said “We are issuing the certificates in the prescribed time limit of seven days and there is no delay on our part. We have issued around 6,000 certificates and 4,000 more are pending.”

It is a similar situation at the Bahadurpura eSeva centre. Here the certificates for students up to upper primary classes are distributed in the premise of the Bahadurpura Mandal Revenue office. However, people line here from 8 a.m. while the counters are opened at 10.30 a.m.

Tardy pace

A few thousand applications are pending at various mandal offices. Many feel that they will miss the opportunity to avail the scholarship if the income certificates are issued at this tardy pace.