Printing Of Photos To Cost More

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   (2012-07-17 00:00:00)

Preserving ‘pleasant’ memories for posterity might cost you more from now on. The cost of printing photographs has increased by more than 20 per cent across the city from mid-June. While a standard ‘maxi’ size (4x6) photo used to cost Rs. 6 earlier, now it costs up to Rs. 10 per copy.

Along with the printing costs, the cost of lamination and photo framing too has gone up by about 20 per cent and colour lab owners give various reasons for this increase. “The recent hike in the dollar prices has served as the immediate trigger for this increase in the prices,” Surya Prakash Jain, owner of Victory Colour Lab in Basheerbagh said. Most of the photographic material is imported from Japan and because of the fall in the rupee value they have to shell out more money for these items, he explained.

But though the rise in dollar prices served as an immediate trigger, the necessity for increasing photo printing rates was felt for long, Mr. Jain said. “With digital cameras flooding the market and more and more people preferring to share the pictures online, the number of photos being printed has come down drastically in the recent times. Because of this, the profitability of the colour labs too has come down,” he observed.

The initial investment required for setting up a colour lab is still very high and with the decrease in number of photos being printed, it was necessary to increase the prices, he said. To ensure that all the colour labs in the city will honour the price rise a new ‘Twin Cities Colour Lab Association’ has been formed.

The association will monitor the prices offered by the colour labs in the city and take the erring colour labs to task, Mr. Jain said. “Earlier there was heavy competition among the colour labs and because of this increasing of prices was becoming nigh impossible. With the formation of this association we can look forward for stabilisation of printing charges,” he added.