Rastra Dalita Sena Begin Relay Fast

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   (2012-07-13 00:00:00)

The members of Andhra Pradesh Rastra Dalita Sena took part in a relay hunger strike for the cause of education to the Scheduled Castes, Tribes and Backward Classes outside the Sub-Collector’s office on Thursday in Vijayawada. The hunger strike was conducted to bring to the notice of the State Government and its officials about the woes of financially backward students to get the facility of proper education. The members sent a letter to the Chief Minister. In the letter they explained how it was getting harder for a normal student to be able to study in an institution unless he has the capacity to pay lots of money. They stressed on the need for the development of this section of people, educating their children was very important. They alleged that corporate institutions were taking advantage of financially challenged students and parents. They requested the Government to take immediate action and give justice to financially challenged students