Relatives Donate Organs Of Two Brain Dead Women

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   (2012-06-22 00:00:00)

HYDERABAD:Close relatives of two women, Lakshmi Sulochana (56) and A. V. Uma Devi (56), who were declared brain dead at two corporate hospitals in the capital on Wednesday, donated the organs of the deceased to needy patients.

Lakshmi Sulochana of Jillelaguda and Uma Devi of Attapur, were admitted to Care and Apollo Hospitals respectively on Monday with same symptoms that include severe headache and vomiting.

The doctors of both the hospitals declared the admitted women as brain dead.

According to Lalitha Raghuram of Mohan Foundation, the family members of Sulochana and Uma Devi were aware about the significance of organ donation and the difference it makes in the lives of needy patients.

In fact, three years ago Sulochana donated one of her kidneys to her son, who was diagnosed with an end stage kidney ailment.

“The organs from the two women including kidneys, liver, heart valves and eyes were retrieved and distributed among city hospitals on Thursday,” Ms. Lalitha Raghuram said.