Traffic Maze Compounds Woes Of Motorists

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   (2012-07-04 00:00:00)

GUNTUR:Vehicles passing through the Mahatma Gandhi Marg, or the main road are being caught in a maze of traffic at vital junctions.

The Main Road, hub of commercial shopping complexes, often presents a picture of chaos during peak hours.

The road has been widened to 80 feet, but that has not reduced the traffic hassles in any manner. A lone traffic junction opposite Leela Mahal is not of much help.

In the absence of a comprehensive traffic management plan, the woes of motorists in Guntur were being compounded. For the commuters entering Guntur from the BR Stadium, the confusion starts right away. In the absence of a road divider, the vehicles heading towards Bus Station almost come close to bumping into vehicles passing through the main road.

Its not getting better on the other side of the road either as vehicles would have to pass through the stretch of road made narrower as worn out vehicles lay strewn all over at Maya Bazaar.

The situation becomes worse as the vehicle inches towards Chandana Bros traffic junction. The four road junction is a picture of confusion during the day when vehicles coming in from Kothapet criss cross each other. The presence of lone traffic constable to control the heavy flow of traffic is hardly justified.

Absence of proper traffic management and planning system has become the curse of the town. The road junctions are badly planned and have been designed for lesser traffic. The statues have become another headache in planning road junctions.

Key junctions identified

However, the traffic woes should ease in future as the Traffic Police and the Guntur Municipal Corporation have identified 11 key junctions. We have prepared junction improvement plans for the 11 junctions. We will be undertaking joint inspections with the Superintendent of Police, Guntur Urban, soon, Municipal Commissioner K. Sudhakar on Tuesday.