14-Year-Old Saves Three Children From Drowning

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   (2012-07-17 00:00:00)

Exhibiting courage well beyond his age, a young boy jumped into the Agra canal and rescued three children from drowning at Madanpur Khadar in South-East Delhi on Sunday. The police plan to honour the brave youngster for saving three lives.

Fourteen-year-old Sagar, son of fisherman Bhola Kashyap, was on his way home from Kalindi Kunj when he heard the screams of some children drowning in the canal. Some passers-by had also gathered along the canal bank, standing as mute spectators.

Not caring for his own life, Sagar jumped into the canal and pulled out three children one after the other. He had almost rescued the fourth boy, but he slipped out of his hands and was swept away by the currents. The three rescued children were identified as Badal (13), Pankaj (13) and his cousin Premi (14), all residents of Madanpur Khadar. Divers were pressed into service and the body of Deepak (15) was finally fished out of the canal on Monday evening.

The incident took place when about half-a-dozen children were bathing in the canal. Four of them went deep into the water, but were unable to swim back to the canal bank. Sagar, who has learnt swimming from his father, lives with his parents, an elder brother and a sister at Madanpur Khadar. He is a Class VII student at Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya.

“We have sought a report from the local police on the act of bravery by the boy. We will certainly recommend his name to the Police Commissioner for suitable reward. Apart from the monetary component, we will also recommend a commendation certificate to him for having shown exemplary courage in rescuing the children from the canal,” said a police officer.