Now A Room To Read In North Delhi Schools

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   (2012-07-18 00:00:00)

Soon students in North Delhi will walk to school with their nose buried in a book. With the NGO ‘Room to Read’ literally providing a room to read in schools that fall under the purview of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation, students now will have a wide variety of books to choose from.

On Tuesday, Education Committee Chairman, Rekha Gupta said that 72 schools have been identified for the project dubbed ‘Gyandhara’ which will see a library set up in all schools. “The library will be stocked with 3000 books and a teacher who will help children with reading,” she said, adding students can also borrow books to take home. The first phase will see 30 schools receiving these facilities which will include Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya schools.
‘Negative perception’

“There is a very negative perception about education imparted in a government schools,” observed Ms. Gupta. “Many parents prefer to enrol their children in private schools rather than government schools. We want to get rid of such misconceptions.”

The initiative is a step towards involving organisations interested in helping strengthen MCD schools. “The Corporation will do as much as it can to develop schools but when people come forward to support us then we should allow them to do so,” said Ms. Gupta. The three-year project will be expanded to include 80 more schools next year and will cover all six zones of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation.