Suspected NSUI Workers Interrupt Team Annas Fast In Delhi

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   (2012-07-26 00:00:00)

The indefinite fast started by Team Anna members at Jantar Mantar here was interrupted by a group of suspected National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) workers on Wednesday.

The NSUI, which is the students’ wing of the Congress party, has denied involvement in the ruckus and alleged that it was the handiwork of “anti-NSUI elements".

Soon after Anna Hazare came on stage along with his aides to start his dharna, around 20-30 people in the crowd started sloganeering against him and Arvind Kejriwal which was followed by a scuffle but no one was injured. Immediately the protestors, who were wearing “I am Anna” caps, were removed from the venue even though they continued shouting slogans against Mr. Kejriwal.

Demand for inquiry

The NSUI, on the other hand, has demanded an inquiry into the incident. “Since morning news has been circulating in the media circles that a group of 40 students who were involved in shouting slogans belonged to the NSUI. We would like to issue a clarification in this regard and state that NSUI had absolutely nothing to do with the incident,” said Amrish Ranjan Pandey, the spokesperson of NSUI adding: “We also highly condemn the action and would like the police administration to pursue the case and look into the matter as we suspect the role of anti-NSUI members in this act who might have tried to tarnish our image.”