In A First Man Gets 10 Days For Repeated Drunk Driving

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   (2012-07-28 00:00:00)

For the first time in Bangalore, a metropolitan magistrate traffic court convicted a person for drunken and dangerous driving.

The offender was sentenced to undergo simple imprisonment for 10 days for drunken driving with a fine of Rs.3,000. Failure to pay up will entail another 10 days behind bars. He has also been fined another Rs.1,000 for dangerous driving. If he doesnít cough up, he has to undergo another 10 daysí imprisonment.

Under the influence

N.G. Dinesh, presiding officer of Metropolitan Magistrate Court II, passed the order on Thursday on the prosecution launched by Upparpet Traffic Police against Kishor, a resident of Ranganathapura in Bangalore. The police had charged Mr. Kishor for driving his car, KA 04 MA 5461, under the influence of alcohol in dangerous manner on the night of May 20 at Subbanna Circle.

The police said it was the third time they had caught him driving under the influence of alcohol, the earlier instances being on April 21 and May 5. On both the occasions, he had paid the fine.

'False case'

Mr. Kishor denied the charges saying he was on the way to Majestic with four friends to receive a relative when the police booked a false case against him as he could not speak Kannada well.

The judge observed that the reading of alcometer said the blood alcohol level of the accused was 82 mg as against the permissible 30 mg per 100 ml.

The charge of dangerous driving too was valid as the accused had admitted to the police he had consumed alcohol. The fact that he did not subject himself to a medical examination proved he was unfit to drive.

Mr. Dinesh noted that the offender should have taken the first case of drunken driving as a warning and should have stopped driving the vehicle in such a state.

However, he repeated the act twice and deserved no leniency.