Rats And This Is Supposed To Be A Hospital

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   (2012-07-04 00:00:00)

G. Susheelamma, wife of Srinivas Reddy of Srinivaspura, makes it a point to wait for the night duty nurse at the VVIP ward in the Advocates’ Wing at the Centenary Building of Victoria Hospital here.

The reason for her wait is not merely to ensure her husband gets his insulin injection before dinner. She would like to supervise the safekeeping of his hospital records in the cupboard. If not, the precious records may get eaten as, once the lights go off, the ward becomes a jolly playground for rodents.

The cupboards have to be securely locked. Or else the marauding rodents gnaw at the files, eatables, clothes and even soap.

“We are here for the past two weeks as my husband is to undergo a spinal surgery. Every night, rats surface in the dark and scour around for stuff to eat,” Ms. Susheelamma said.

Gaps to crawl through

Mohammed Shafi, who shared the ward with Mr. Srinivas Reddy for a week, pointed to the wide gaps between the floor and the doors through which the rodents enter the wards. “That apart, most of the window panes are broken and these creatures climb in from there,” Mr. Shafi said.

A senior doctor that staff on night duty had to pick their around the rodents. “We had a horrible time manoeuvring around rats when the former Minister Katta Subramanya Naidu was admitted in this ward as we had to visit it frequently during nights,” the doctor said.

“Due to the various construction activities on the campus and the proximity to K.R. Market, rats have made the hospital their home. Besides, they are attracted to the smell of flesh in the mortuary that is located just 150 metres from this ward,” the doctor said.

Private contract

A staff nurse said that nothing has come of complaints by the patients and the staff. “We were told a private firm has been entrusted with the contract for rodent control. But there are no signs of any work happening,” she said.

O.S. Siddappa, Dean and Director of Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMCRI) to which Victoria Hospital is affiliated, said that he was aware of the problem.

“Rodents had dug deep burrows right from Vani Vilas Hospital to Victoria Hospital and the adjoining Minto Hospital. After we gave the rodent control contract to a private firm, the problem has been sorted out to an extent,” he said.

He said that the private firm — Nice Control Services — would be asked to look into the problem at Victoria Hospital.

M. Ravi, a supervisor with the private firm, said pest control measures had rid Vilas Vilas of the rats. “We have also started work in Victoria Hospital, although our bills for a month are pending,” he said.