Wild Tusker Electrocuted At Private Estate In Alur Taluk

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   (2012-07-19 00:00:00)

A wild tusker was electrocuted in a private estate at Halasur in Alur taluk on Tuesday.

The death came to light on Wednesday when estate employees found the elephant carcass. Deputy Conservator of Forests R.N. Lakshman that the elephant, aged around 22, came in contact with a 11 kV line when it climbed on a rock to pluck jackfruit.

“The elephant’s trunk came in contact with the live wire which is close to the tree. There are two injury marks on its body,” he said. Officials collected a 1.5-ft-long tusk of the elephant.

Mr. Lakshman ruled out role of the village residents in the death. He said that the department would register a complaint against Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation. “The tusker belongs to a group of five elephants in Halasur. We noticed three or four elephants watching the dead from a distance. They did not come close as there were many people,” he said.

Elephant attacks have become common in Alur and Sakleshpur taluks for the past 10 years. Thirty people and 18 elephants have died in the human-animal conflict since 2002-03. Residents have been demanding translocation of elephants.