Twins In Kochi Top With Same Marks

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   (2012-07-14 00:00:00)

Emerging from their mother’s womb at the same time, studying in the same class since kindergarten, often occupying the same bench, and finally graduating in the same course from the same college with exactly the same marks.

The tale of Salsa Davood and Sahala Davood hailing from Mattancherry has a filmy feel to it. When the result of B.Sc. Zoology was out recently, the twin sisters were surprised beyond belief.

Not only had they emerged combined toppers of Sacred Heart’s College, Thevara, with 89 per cent marks, they managed it with exactly the same cumulative grade point average.

“We were definitely excited but our parents were more excited than us,” said Sahala Davood. For parents who had always insisted that their twin daughters should study in the same class from kindergarten onwards, it could not have got any better.

For much of their kindergarten and school days, the twins often sat on the same bench, but then started sitting with different set of friends as they got into higher classes. They had scored similar marks in some internal exams before, but never had their marks ‘tied’ at a main exam.

Sahala said that there was always a healthy competition among the twins and admits that Salsa did slightly better than her in Class X and Plus Two. They always studied together and there was no question of one poring over lessons alone. “We neither stayed up late into night for studies nor did we wake up too early in the morning,” said Sahala. Not used to following a strict time table, they however, studied through the entire day as exams approached.

Both of them now plan to pursue M.Sc. Zoology. As usual, their parents want them to do it together at the same college. But the twins will be perfectly okay if they have to do it separately. While they have special affection for each other, they are mature enough to find their own paths unlike the characters of some saccharine-coated characters in some movies.