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Producer: S Lakshman Kumar
Director: Hari
Cast: Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Hansika Motwani, Vivek, Santhanam, Danny Sapani, Radha Ravi, Nassar, Vijayakumar, Rahman, Mukesh Rishi, Mansoor Ali Khan and Nizhalgal Ravi
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: Priyan
Release date: July 5, 2013

Suriya's Singam 2 is just a couple of notches better than brother Karthi's Alex Pandian. With nearly half a dozen villains, each of them more forgettable than the next, the story has enough to keep Suriya running throughout what feels like 4-5 hours of runtime. He runs. He shouts at bad guys. Runs again. Tells bad guys about the power of Indian police. Then runs some more. What I cannot believe is that the film is *just* 166 minutes long. I attended an 8:30 AM screening and was half-expecting the sky to be dark by the time I walked out.

Picking up where the first film left off, Singam 2 starts with Durai Singam working undercover on a case assigned to him by Home Minister Vijayakumar. After publicly stepping down from his post, he now works as a PT master (okay, NCC teacher) in a school - much to his father's dismay - who now refuses to let him marry Kavya (Anushka). I have not watched Singam 2, but if I had, I probably would have been even more disappointed. Sequels are a rare breed in Tamil cinema and it annoys me to no end when I think how good this film could have been. Instead of focussing solely on a cop trying to bring down a drug empire, Hari needlessly creates a silly rift between Durai Singam and Kavya to milk some more melodrama. Hari also introduces a new romantic interest in Shakti (Hansika), a student at the school Singam works at....
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