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Sonna Puriyathu Movie Review
Sonna Puriyadhu (SP) is yet another quintessential Shiva film that is salvaged by few occasional laughs and by the actor himself. All that we got to see from Shiva in films such as Chennai 600028, Tamizh Padam and Thillu Mullu; we see flashes of all of it together in SP. Boasting a wafer thin storyline, SP relies heavily on Shiva, and even though he gives his best but unfortunately we don’t see the film going down as one of Shiva’s best.

The film revolves around Shiva, a dubbing artist for English films, living life happily as a bachelor and never having to worry about getting married. He hates the idea of wedlock and has reasons to stay away from it. However, as they say everyone are bound to end up with a girl we are destined to be with. In Shiva’s case, this girl happens to be Vasundhara Kashyap. How does someone who was interested in the idea of a marriage, eventually gives in to the idea? This forms the rest of the story.

The film might work for Shiva fans as it promises clichéd one-liners intended for the masses. But, I highly doubt if the film would even be close to the idea of entertaining the elite class or even the multiplex goers. The first is half is far better than the following half, which ends up being more of a spoof of comedy scenes from other Tamil films.

Debutant director Krishnan Jayaraj had assisted C.S Amudhan with Tamizh Padam, and one definitely feels the aftertaste of it in SP. The film suffers from lack of originality as Krishnan ends up giving his film nearly the same treatment as many other films featuring Shiva did in the past.

After Santhanam, one of Tamil cinema’s most trusted actor is Shiva. He is not trusted by the...