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Sundattam Movie Review
Movie: Sundattam
Cast: Naren, Irfan, Madhu, Arundathi
Direction: Brahma Dev
Music: Britoo
Sundattam Movie Storyline

It is a film based on the simple game of carrom and is set in the nineties. Prabhakaran (TV star Irfan) is carrom player, who spends time at the board without a care for his future. His rival is Kasi (Madhu), a star player at an illegal (carrom) club owned by Bhagya Annachi (Naren), the local dada. After a few attempts, he defeats Kasi and becomes close to Bhagya. At a time when things begin to look up for Prabha as he manages to win over the love of Kalai (Arundhati), his sister’s friend, things take a twist as Kasi, who hasn’t taken the defeat well, is thirsting to get back at him and ruin his life.

There is another sub-plot where Bhagya’s downfall is plotted by a rival gangster. Do Prabha and Bhagya thwart the bids of Kasi and the gangster forms the rest of the story.
Sundattam Movie Script review:

The film is set in the 90 and looks into the so-called actors’ fans club which happened to be a haven for the jobless and provided an opening for illegal gamblers. The beginning does look promising and the director gives hints of a setting up a good plot with his interesting portions at the start.

However, the director is unable to sustain the interest and the sub-plot involving Naren and his rival tends to slow things down.

Towards the end, it appears as if Brahma Dev has veered completely off track and the situations appeared contrived.
Sundattam Movie Cast Review:

Television actor Irfan makes a good transition to the big screen and shines through in his role of a youth, who swears by the board game and gets drawn into unwanted gang...
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