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Biryani Movie Review
Film: Biriyani
Starring: Karthi, Hansika, Sneha, Premji Amaren
Director: Venkat Prabhu
Producer: KE Gnanavelraja
Banner: Studio Greens banner
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja


Biriyani starts off with a car chase followed by the flash back of two friends Sugan [Karthi] and Parasuram [Premji], who join their friends for a party where Karthi meets his girlfriend played by Hansika and the duo breakup due to a mis-understanding. Meanwhile, all the key roles Nassaer, Riaz and others introduced.

As the story progresses, Nassar decides to alliance his younger daughter with Karthi and throws a bash. While having drinks at the party, Karthi and his friend start seraching for best Biriyani point in the city for their favourite side dish Biriyani, on the way they meet hot Maya [Mandy Takhar] and drops her at the hotel. Here story takes a turn, as Maya goes missing from the hotel room booked on Karthi's name and Parasuram is arrested on Nassar missing case. After many twists and turns Karthi finds out Maya and unfolds all the wrenches at once.

Go watch Biriyani 'A Venkat Prabhu's Diet' for the director's treatment for a wafer thin story with the right mix of ingredients namely comedy and thrill...


Karthi has to be lauded for his performance that is aligned with various manifestations such as Playful, confused and saturation. Karthi is perfect for the play boy character in the film and his colored hair and contact lens lifted up the role.

Premgi Amaren Played the other important role in Biriyani as Karthi's friend. Premgie has equally complemented the film's success with his comedy and timing in the first half and throughout Biriyani....