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Nagaraja Cholan MA MLA Movie Latest News
Nagaraja Cholan MA MLA Movie Review
Starring:Sathyaraj, Mirdhula, Seeman, Varsha, Raghu Manivannan
Genre:Action / Comedy / Political
Music Director: James Vasanthan

Verdict - Watch it with least expectations

No matter how good or bad a sequel is, it’s always compared with its prequel. It’s the same in the case of “Nagaraja Chozhan” too, which despite its moments of highs and lows leaves the audience with the aftertaste of “Amaidhi Padai”. However, the sequel is not as good as the prequel. It’s best to watch the film with least expectations.

The film tracks the political life of Sathyaraj, who has grown from a minister to deputy Chief Minister in the latest installment of the film. Akin to modern day political scenario, the film throws light on the misuse of power of a common man turned politician.

While the first half has limited screen space for our protagonist, it’s in the second part we see the best of Sathyaraj coming to the fore. It’s good that the sequel focuses on not just the protagonist but also devotedly on few characters that have crucial parts to play.

Sathyaraj and Manivannan share a great rapport and scenes between them are a delight to watch. It makes you wonder if all politicians have such conniving assistants. The satire moments between the two brings the roof down.

The reason “Amaidhi Padai” worked because the story was fresh and untouched when it was originally made. But, since then we have seen so many films along the same lines walking down the same path that the sequel barely made any difference. Despite some really good performances, the film fails to impresses.

Audiences can look forward to some well written...