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Ramachandra (Sachin Khedkar) is a genetic scientist who tries to carry out radical experiments. One such experiment carried out on his wife goes bad and she ends up with conjoined twins. They are brought up as Vimal and Akhil (Dual role played by Surya). Ramachandra succeeds in creating a hyper energy product called “Energion’. The product is a stunning success and catches the attention of many people worldwide. A desperate hunt begins for its secret formula and the seekers use every trick in the book to get to the source.
Into this scenario comes in Anjali ( Kajal Aggarwal ), as someone who tries to collaborate with the people who want to steal the Energion formula. Things take a violent turn in the struggle for the formula and the twins Vimal and Akhil must now fight for their lives as they become hunted.
Whether Vimal and Akhil succeed is what the story is about.


Surya has performed very well in the dual role. Karthi has dubbed for one of the roles and it suited Surya very well. He has shown good variations between the two characters and he has done his job as required.
Kajal looks quite glamorous in the movie, especially in the Rani Nanne and Neeve Neeve songs. She has a considerably big character in the movie and K.V. Anand has showcased her well. Sachin Khedkar is good as the evil scientist.
The movie is racy for about 30 minutes before the interval and this block is the best part of the film. The movie has good visuals and K.V. Anand must be appreciated for selecting a novel theme.


The movie is long and this works against it. The racy pace shown in the 30 minutes prior to the interval could not be sustained...