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 Social Thriller


 Ram Charan, Tamanna

 Sampath Nandi

 Mani Sharma



Racha Story
Racha Movie Review
Racha Movie Review :

Ram Charan is back after one and half years with Racha. His last film Orange didn’t fare well and this time he banked upon a commercial mass entertainer. Sampath Nandi directed this movie and Tamanna is the female lead. Let’s see how is Racha in detailed review…


Raj (Ram Charan) is a guy who makes money on bettings. His father (MS) falls ill and doctors say that his liver has to be transplanted. So Raj takes up a bet thrown by James (Ajmal) to make Chaitra (Tamanna) fall in his love. Chaitra is daughter of Ballari (Mukesh Rishi), a hardcore criminal and multi millionaire. Now Raj has a big challenge ahead of him. What happens next is to be seen on screen.


Racha has a routine plot and beaten to death narration. But having right mix of commercial elements is its biggest plus. The writers and the director got the formula right and have thrown in good twists at right intervals. The narration is also smooth and racy.

There are no dull moments in the film, which would work in its favor at the box office. Racha will be lapped up by the masses as it offers them right doses of mass entertainment. This film may not impress audience who seek variety and sensible narration. On the downside the film starts off on a weak note and only gains momentum after thirty minutes into the story.

Racha is over the top at times and that is what works here. If you are looking for some mass masala treat, Racha is the one for you. It has the potential to click at the box office.


Ram Charan did one man show in this film. He is at his best in the role of a slum boy with daring attitude. He imitated Chiru in few scenes and...