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 Social Thriller

 The Business Man

 Mahesh Babu, Kajal Aggarwal

 Puri Jagannadh

 Thaman S



The Business Man Movie Review

Movie: Businessman
HaiHoi Rating:3.75/5
Banner : RR Movie Makers
Cast : Mahesh Babu, Kajal Agarwal, Prakash Raj, Sayaji Shinde, Nasser, Brahmaji , Shweta Bharadwaj, Colours Swathi, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Ganesh
Music Director : S.S Thaman
Cinematography : Shyam K.Naidu
Producer : R R Venkat
Director : Puri Jagannadh
Story : Puri Jagannadh
Screenplay : Puri Jagannadh
Release Date: 13-01-2012

Surya played by Mahesh babu is a young guy who comes to Mumbai to become a don. At a time when Mumbai police announces that there are no Bhai in Mumbai and everyone can run business, Surya (Mahesh Babu) lands in the country commercial capital with an intention to become a don.

He slowly gains momentum and in the process also traps Chitra (Kajal) who is police commissioner (Nazer) daughter. Surya then locks horns with big shots and his juggernaut continues to the point where the plot will be unveiled as to why did Mahesh Babu came to Mumbai with such an intention.

Director puri jagannadh made the whole movie with stunning dialogues which made the viewers glue to the screens and connect to them.First half of the movie is how he builds the mafia businessBusinessman is a perfect mass masala extravaganza which satisfies the undemanding viewers. Mahesh Babu has strong screen presence that works to the advantage of the film.

Puri Jagannath is raw, creative and daringly different like he usually is.When such a dynamic director gets the authentic acting support from his superstar, you can expect fireworks on the screen and that is what happens in Businessman.There are no comedians as such specially designed to tickle you,

Puri jagannadh shown his strength as dialogue writer and performed superbly by Mahesh babu.He made the dialogues to connect to audience and current events.Music by Thaman is another highlight of the film.His RR work is an asset to the film.3 songs are ChartbustersThere is a little flashback to him in his childhood, which has nothing to do with his goal though. Even the romantic thread does not have the soul.

Businessman is typical Puri film with loads of rowdies and cops scattered all over the screen.All the songs have been picturized well but Sir Osthara song and Chandamama stand out for their sheer beauty. The much talked about kiss with Kajal has been shot very beautifully and aesthetically. Shwetha Bharadwaj has sizzled in the item number. She has a bright future in the industry. Nazar, Prakash Raj and Shayaji Shinde are ok.
Artists Performances:

Mahesh Babu is the lifeline for this film. He excelled as Surya Bhai from the start to end. Watch out for his fire filled eyes and also his naughty one liners that he exchanges with Kajal. His fans will adore him as Surya Bhai.

Kajal is just okay. Despite having many scenes in the film, her character is poorly etched and therefore she failed to make an impression. Nazar is neat. Brahmaji is fine.

Shiyaji Shinde as politician and Prakash Raj as goon are good in their usual tailor made characters. Shwetha Bhardwaj is a good replacement to Mumaith khan in Bad boyz song.

Plus Points:
Mahesh Babu Rocking Performance.
Extraordinary Dialogues.
Thaman Given Good Back Ground Score.
Songs Picturization.
Businessman Audio Gets Positive Response
Hi-technical Values.
Puri Jagannadh Direction.

Minus Points:
Old story
Glimpses of Pokiri
Kind of far from unreality
No comedians.
Technical Departments :

Thaman music is well done. Especially the background music, when Surya turns into a Big Mafia. And the Picturization of the songs are also very nice. Syam K Naidu cinematography is terrific. He played with frames and added dashing colors so as to make the film rich and delightful. Lighting is again an asset.

Puri is a master in screenplay. The movie is in the right pace. Eventhough the story is obvious, Screenplay is distinct and great in parts. Direction goes the Puri style and dialogues are perfect and a rage.
Final Analysis:

A typical Puri Jagannath movie which lacks pace in the second half and finally its all about Mahesh Babu movie. Go and watch it in a theatre near you with nice projection and good sound system.Youth will get connected to the movie.with the strength of the season it is another good commercial hit.